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Pre-Paid Groups

Pine Trace Golf Club hosts a number of pre-paid groups throughout the season. If you are a registered member of one of our pre-paid groups, you are able to pay your group fees online via the options below. 

Effective 3.20.23 all credit card transactions will be subject to a 3% convenience fee.


By proceeding with this transaction, you are acknowledging that you are responsible to pay this fee and you authorize us to charge your credit card the additional amount necessary to cover this fee. 


For those who prefer not to pay a convenience fee, please note that the use of a debit card does not incur this fee.


The consumer should carefully consider which of these two options meets their needs prior to conducting the transaction.

If you believe that you were charged a 3% convenience fee although you used a debit card, please contact

our Pro Shop for assistance at 248.852.7100.



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Golden Hour




Kim White

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Aaron Patrick

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Thomas Mirowski

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