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Online Tee Times

We have implemented a new online booking system for the 2023 season.
When booking your first tee time of the year, you will need to create a new log in.
You will be able to use this going forward for any of your tee time reservations.

Before selecting a tee time:

Sign-in or create an account to book a tee time (select the ‘Login/Register’ button on page) – Once created, you will always be able to book a tee time with ease.


  1. Click the button below that says book tee time. A new window will open.

  2. Use the menu icon in the topic left corner to select the parameters of your desired tee time. 

  3. Click search to filter to your desired results.

  4. Select the tee time you prefer.

  5. Make your reservation.


Cancellation policy:

  • All cancellations made prior to 24 hours of a scheduled tee time will be issued a full refund or rain check

  • All cancellations made prior to 12 hours of a scheduled tee time will be issued a rain check

  • The eligibility for a refund or rain check no longer exists within 12 hours of a scheduled tee time

  • Inclement Weather Policy: At the discretion of PTGC rain checks may be issued due to inclement weather. When it is deemed by PTGC that a rain check is warranted it will be issued on a prorated basis.

Effective 3.20.23 all credit card transactions will be subject to a 3% convenience fee.


By proceeding with this transaction, you are acknowledging that you are responsible to pay this fee and you authorize us to charge your credit card the additional amount necessary to cover this fee. 

For those who prefer not to pay a convenience fee, please note that the use of a debit card does not incur this fee.

The consumer should carefully consider which of these two options meets their needs prior to conducting the transaction.

If you believe that you were charged a 3% convenience fee although you used a debit card, please contact

our Pro Shop for assistance at 248.852.7100

Aerification Notice: 

We will be conducting our Fall 2023 aerification on September 5, 2023. Thank you for your understanding while we perform this standard and necessary maintenance procedure. We will toggle between front and back starts as needed and expect minimal disruption on playability during this timeframe. Please note, all dates are subject to change due to weather. For the most up to date course information, contact the golf shop at 248-852-7100.  Anticipate approximately 7-10 days for recovery, based on normal weather conditions.


Why is aerification important at Pine Trace Golf Club?

Aerification is nothing to be dreaded, but something that should be welcomed! 

Turf needs four basic items to survive: soil, water, air and sunlight. Soil and sun we have plenty of (in most cases), but air and water are essential and getting them to the roots of the turf plants are a big reason why we punch holes in the ground. Water and air movement into the soil gets limited over time for a few reasons and our goal is to combat that to give you healthy, well-performing greens.

One reason is that. If you’ve ever played on a fairway or green that feels spongy under your feet, this will help you understand what thatch is. It is made of the dead and decaying parts of turf plants, and it accumulates as the grass grows. If it is not removed, it forms that spongy layer that you feel and doesn’t let air and water into the ground for the living roots. So…we need to remove it, or at least poke a hole through it.

A second reason is compaction. The soil under the turf gets compacted from all the foot traffic of golfers, as well as the constant mowing and rolling equipment that prepares the surfaces throughout the season. As soil compacts, it loses its ability to hold enough water and air to keep the plants alive. Aerification loosens up the soil, and allows for room for roots to grow and capture this air and water.

The third main reason is soil modification. You’ll notice that following an aerification process the holes on the greens are filled with sand. Sand provides a good growing medium for the turf and improves playability for our golfers. It improves the way the surface drains and also provides for a firmer, smoother putting surface.

Click here for general information on golf course aeration. 

Tee Time and Golf Information:
Dynamic Pricing / Green Fees are subject to change without notice 

Dynamic Pricing refers to our rates changing regularly in real time, based on the demand of the consumer. Plenty of factors play into the fluctuation of our rates such as time of day, weather, and most importantly demand. This model operates in real time and prices fluctuate as tee times sell or get cancelled. 


How does this benefit you? The Dynamic Pricing model allows you to book the tee time and price you want by reserving in advance and taking advantage of our 14-day booking window! The earlier you book, the better chance you have of booking a lower price! This pricing model is new to the golf industry; however, airlines, hotels, and even sports teams have been using this pricing model for years to better serve their guests and fans.

All guests are required to present a valid driver's license to operate golf carts. In order to operate a golf cart, a person must be 16 years old or older and have a valid driver's license.  Anyone under 18 years old who is operating a cart must be in the presence of someone 18 years or older. Additionally, no one under the age of 18 can have a passenger under the age of 18 in their cart. 

Groups of less than 4 players will be paired with others.

Advanced Tee Time Reservations: We regularly take tee times up to two weeks in advance. If you are looking to book a tee time farther out, please contact our Pro Shop staff by phone at (248) 852-7100 or email at to discuss booking an advanced tee time.  


Seniors (55+): Monday through Friday BEFORE 10AM (except holidays) Pine Trace Golf Club offers a Senior discount which can be applied to green fees at the time of booking for customers 55 years old and over by presenting a valid government issued ID card upon reservation check-in - contact the pro shop to make a reservation over the phone @ 248-852-7100.   

Single Players (only 1 reservation): Due to system limitations with our online reservation system, you cannot reserve a single tee time; contact the pro shop to make a reservation @ 248-852-7100.

Metal spikes are prohibited.

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